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Bios: Women

LiLynn Graves: I come from a xc ski racing/coaching background in Colorado. In the summers I raced mountain bikes (expert)
and won the Winter Park summer series, 3 years in a row.  A few years back I bought my first road race bike on my 50th birthday and took to the sport soon after. It was inevitable that my love for coaching would catch up and now I use that knowledge to motivate my team members and to keep me in search of my genetic ceiling!  I love cyclocross in the fall and invite everyone in the community for my coaching during this time of year. We have up to 20 folks join us. When not on my bikes I am working full time as a webdesigner for several research divisions at Cornell University.

Vanessa McCaffery: I am the 4th of 12 children, attended Cornell and work for CU full-time in a research department. I raced
road bikes for a year in college then was away from it til 2005/2006, and have raced since.  Previously I raced with Mission in Motion, a Southern-Tier team promoting women's health and breast cancer awareness. Time trials are my strength on the road but I'm working to improve at climbing and sprinting. And I like "psychocross."  In other activities, I teach basic-level hunt seat equitation (horseback riding) for the Cornell Phys Ed program and sometimes play a little indoor polo in the winter session.  When I'm not biking I enjoy cooking and reading, and am learning some new software for graphic design-I designed the team kit the Mission in Motion ladies currently wear.  I am looking forward to training and racing with new (and old) teammates.

Ruth Sherman
: I'm one of the "Old Broads" on the team. I got into bike racing at the late age of 48 but am totally addicted now. I love road races and cyclocross. My goal this year is to learn to love time trials and crits. When I'm not on my bike I'm working on my research, either sitting in front of a computer at Cornell University or hiking in the mountains of the Dominican Republic or China where my two main plant ecology research projects are located.

Margaret ThompsonI have been bicycle racing since 1984 and the sport has taken me all over the place and treated me well. 
I race road, mountain and Cyclocross, and when I am immersed on one genre of the sport it is hard for me to think about the others!  I love them all J  I am a USA Cycling Level 1 Coach so I have to walk the walk and talk the talk.  I train a lot and focus on key events, and most people think I am pretty crazy.  But it works!  I’m not getting any younger, but set a bunch of records last year.  Go figure!

 From 1993- 1996 my husband and I sponsored a women’s racing team.  It was hard work and so much fun, and those women are friends to this day.  As of late I have been sporting the colors of Hammer Nutrition, a sponsor of mine since 1997.  I have also ridden for Mission in Motion, a women’s team that donates all its winnings toward health care services for women. I am very excited to be part of the Corning/NoTubes Race Team and to have an opportunity to race with new and old teammates.

 There is not much of my time that is not involved with cycling.  Every once in a while I do “normal” things like watch TV or take a short trip which does not involve riding or training just to get revved back up for the next block of training and racing.