In the 2012 cycling season, the NoTubes/Corning Race Team built a Junior Development and Racing Program for the first time.  Drawing from our wealth of racing and coaching experience, we feel we will have a program that fits the needs of our next generation of riders!
The governing body of cycling in the United States, USA Cycling defines the Junior age group for competition as 10-18 years old, where one's racing age is determined by how old the rider is on December 31st of the year of competition.  We will continue to offer riding opportunities for younger children in our many children's events held at our races that we promote throughout the year, such as the Corning Circuit Race or Swandrome Cross.
The Junior Development Program will be set up as follows: 
 - Riders will be given free membership on the NoTubes/Corning Race Team for the 2014 season, receiving all of the benefits and privileges of a paying member
 - Both the parent and the Junior will be invited to join our email list, where team communications take place
 - After participating in 1 race, the Junior will receive a free kit, consisting of a jersey and shorts.  The Junior may choose to purchase other accessories as desired.
 - The Junior will be invited to participate in organized rides and skills sessions run by licensed USA Cycling coaches throughout the year.
 -  The Junior and Parent will be given information for regional junior clinics in which to forge relationships with other Junior riders and build new skills
 - Throughout the year, the Junior and Parent will be given information on how to apply for regional grants only available to Junior riders
 - The leadership of the team will work with the Junior and parent to determine a schedule of races throughout the area where they can participate
 - Information on how to join local rides will be passed along frequently
 - Unlimited mentoring opportunities and cycling encouragement will be available to the Junior rider
We believe that you will find our Junior development program to be both positive and loaded with opportunities for growth and enjoyment in the sport of cycling.  Please send us your contact information today to receive more information and get involved!

For Current Members

 1.) You need to fill out both the official Membership Form and Insurance Waiver

 2.) Download the official Junior team rules, read them, and agree to abide by them

 3.) Use the Google Attendance Spreadsheet to indicate which events you are participating in
Brian Klotz,
Mar 6, 2012, 7:10 PM
Brian Klotz,
Mar 6, 2012, 6:59 PM
Brian Klotz,
Mar 6, 2012, 6:59 PM