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NoTubes Testimonial

posted Feb 10, 2009, 7:25 AM by Brian Klotz   [ updated Feb 14, 2009, 12:51 PM ]

Recently, the Corning Race Team was fortunate to come into a sponsorship relationship with NoTubes of Big Flats, NY.  After offering to do conversions from our standard clincher tires and tubes to their system of a Hutchinson Fusion 2 Tubeless tire and no-flat compound, several of our riders have taken advantage and been surprised by the results.  Here is a testimonial from one of our riders:

"As a first-time user of No-Tubes road clinchers, I was frankly skeptical that they would be much of an improvement over my tried-and-true Michelin Pro Race 3 tires.  Sure, the No-Tubes would have the benefit of no flats but I was concerned about whether I would be happy with the ride quality and the cornering grip which are very important to me.    Well, after just a couple hundred miles, I can tell you I am a HUGE fan of No-Tubes—they are light, very smooth riding and the cornering grip is excellent.  Because you can comfortably run these tires with reduced air pressure, they ride like a dream! "

"I wholeheartedly recommend No-Tubes for both training and racing."

See our Sponsor's page for details on how you can convert too!