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Rochester Giros - Day 3

posted Mar 13, 2010, 12:39 PM by Brian Klotz   [ updated Mar 13, 2010, 4:34 PM ]
With rain and wind in the forecast, 9 race team riders showed up for the carpool up to Rochester today.  Throughout the day, the race with plagued with flats, and two of our riders experienced one, with Tim Andrus able to rejoin after having a wheel swap.  Dan Hertzler in the "A" race was not so lucky and had to ride in the follow car.  The action proved to be heavy again today with attacks splintering the races early.  Bruce Rohdenburg made it into the select group and charged to a win in the "A" race.  In the "B" race, valiant effort by Tim Andrus was not rewarded with the win when he was out on the breakaway for over a lap, but he still finished with the field in 8th, while Jim Reed took the win and Dave Hansen in 6th.  Riders Bob Wood, Brian Jones, and Tom Allen finished not long after.  Meg Reed turned in another nice performance in the women's competition, finishing in the top 5.  Great job to our racers!

                                                                                                        Bruce Rohdenburg taking the win in the "A" race