NoTubes/Corning Race Team

Scholarship Agreement and Details for 2014

Rider Obligations

  • Each rider must pay the membership fee to become a member of Crystal City Cycling and purchase a USA Cycling license to be a part of the NoTubes/Corning Race Team
  • The team may schedule meetings and community activities such as helmet fittings/safety clinics for children, volunteering at the Wineglass Marathon, helping with our team-promoted events.  You will be given sufficient notice before these events and agree to make every effort to attend.
  • You agree to wear the current team uniform in all races, club training rides, podium and award ceremonies (photographs taken if possible).
  • Assist in setting up a team warm-up area and banners as necessary
  • Allow us to publish information about you on the team website and help to write race reports for the benefit of the team and our sponsors
  • When registering on on-line registration sites, use "NoTubes/Corning Race Team" as your official team name
  • As you are always representing our team and sponsors while in uniform, you will always abide by the rules of USA Cycling and other governing bodies.  This includes following the rules of promoters and officials, exhibiting good sportsmanship at all times and behaving appropriately around teammates and especially developmental riders.  If a rider is found to be in violation of team conduct policies, the actions will be evaluated by the race team leadership.  If by a 75% vote, the rider's actions are found to be egregious in nature, he/she may forfeit some or all pending race fee reimbursements.

Program Details

  • As this is a scholarship program, riders must bring a written goal to the program leader also including a summary of expected expenses, details of the request and why the rider wants to do the event or events.
  • Each proposal will be evaluated individually by the program leader, then put up for a vote to the race team leadership, where a Yes or No decision will be rendered as to whether to support the request
  • The team member is responsible for paying for the event expenses and then providing receipts to the program leader for reimbursement
  • No team member may receive more than $300 in the 2013 calendar year through this program unless over-ridden by a 75% vote of the race team leadership.
  • The race team leadership has the option to support a percentage of the race expenses
  • Riders who are competing in a race series which spans the whole season will only need to apply once
  • NEW FOR 2014 Riders who take groups of 2 or more team members with them to an event or series are eligible for additional reimbursement of hotel costs outside of the $300 limit if sharing a room
  • NEW FOR 2014 Riders taking part in upper-level regional or national events and series are encouraged to apply even if the events are part of the normal racing schedule
  • NEW FOR 2014 Riders participating in events sponsored directly by our team sponsors such as Stan's NoTubes are automatically approved for scholarship support
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